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26th November:

Kitchen refit started 20th Nov. Bit of a mess in house & mains up & down whilst electrics are redone.

11th November:

Improved Temperature Graphs now available
After oversampling 1°C resolution internal cpu sensor & relying on white noise to permit higher resolution.
Deployed Pi in Thwing, SSH certificate only logon & remote temperature sensing
Had a corruption of some sort on web site file storage. Went really wrong today so had to take the server down and heal the drive on Win-10 [exFS] drive. Hopefully all ok now.

31st October:

Temperature Graphs now available.
Dead 'handy for knowing what clobber to put on in a morning

22nd April:

Updating Raspberry Pi server.
maybe up & down all day

28th January:

Migrated server to a Raspberry Pi.
Security cameras up & running, full SSH
Made it back fron La Carratera Austral Patagonia 2016

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