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5th October (2014) :

Had a backup-battery malfunction on the web server. Should be ok for a while now.

5th July:

Le Tour starts in God's own county: Yorkshire. Tour de France 2014 Day 1 and Day 2 routes in gpx & kml format. Right click and select save link

Tour de France Day 1 - Yorkshire gpx

Tour de France Day 2 - Yorkshire gpx

Tour de France Day 1 - Yorkshire kml

Tour de France Day 2 - Yorkshire kml

Yes, I've cycled many of these roads in my youth. Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition and general pottering around the countryside. Fantastic !

Day 1

Route 1,959,261 - powered by www.bikemap.net

Day 2

Route 2309963 - powered by www.bikemap.net

3rd May:

Well I've had to change dns provider since dyndns ends its free dns service in just a few days time.

Now re-branded as antarctica.uk.to


26th January:

Oh, I thought of re-mentioning Painted Roads. Awesome cycling adventures with David Walker, although he sometimes goes by the name of James.

More rain........

Weather online

25th January:

Welcome 2014! Another year. Trying to keep fitness levels up whilst we suffer a quite wet winter

So I found this place for planning and researching cycle routes. Saturday's jaunt to the South Downs totalled 55km. Cold and damp although no rain.

Planning further escapades, which I'll publish once I've checked them out

Route 2,422,071 - powered by www.bikemap.net

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