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2nd September:

South America 2012 planning is not progressing as quickly as I'd like. However the route has now been more or less set:

Trip # Description distance (km) height+ height- max slope min slope Days
0 La Paz a Coroico 100 3160 5509 56 53 1.6
0 Coroico a La Paz 100 5509 3160 53 56 1.6
1 La Paz to Quillacas 389 1106 1428 3.5 2.8 6.1
2 Quillacas to San Pedro 615 3626 4958 6.4 9.2 9.6
3 San Pedro around 37 479 482 17.9 10.3 0.6
4 San Pedro Salta 508 4951 6225 6.8 10 7.9
5 Salta Cafayate 156 1633 1179 6.2 8.4 2.4
6 Cafayate a Chilecito 512 2345 2898 3.6 4.7 8.0
7 Chilecito a villa Union 111 1389 1325 13.1 10.7 1.7
8 Villa Union a Media Aguas 497 3094 3695 9.6 6.1 7.7
9 Medi Aguas a Mendoza 118 388 170 2.2 1.3 1.8
10 Mendoza a Uspallata 102 2534 1417 15.4 6.7 1.6
11 Uspallata a Chile 86.3 2091 769 15.4 12.4 1.3
11 Iva Peron Pass 16.7 831 814 30 27 0.3
12 Argentina a Santiago 141 951 3642 16.2 16.9 2.2


3500 km, +34,000m height gained. Estimating 61 days, although this includes some contingency.

5th June:

Well it's been kind o' busy. I been filling my shed [shed #3] with lots of wood for winter. Now that it's full I've been able to turn my attention to the original log store. It, or rather was, a lean too shanty town affair with cheap blue tarpaulin roof. Well that's been removed and now in it's place is a much better, tiled shelter. I still need to fix the sides so that rain doesn't blow in.

My laptop, which seems to have a hard memory error, has finally stopped. So I have spent the last day or so rebuilding with disks. Only problem is the usual install disks are no where to be found when you need them. It's gone not too bad so far with only a moderate amount of blue screens. It seems a lot more stable now so I'm hoping this is it for another 12 months. Corruption will have to be tolerated, waiting for fault tolerant computing. Picture to follow.

10th May:

Had a request for one of my photos by the American Meteorological Society for their publication of the 5th edition of our Introduction to Meteorology textbook and images on the associated learning material. Cool.

Also in the news here in the UK the prate bay has been blocked. However...

Great for avoiding net filters: You can change the end refernce to avoid alsorts of blockages.


Reliability tests of new server have passed. Five months without issues.

4th May:

It's been a busy few months. Firstly shifting lots of wood down the garden, building two log stores and then whilst the dry months of Feb & Mar were here I spent every spare moment cutting wood. Almost have two cords worth, just need to double that for the next winter!

Also bought a Contour HD camera, which I've lashed onto my bike helment. Hopefully I'll get some footage up here & on youtube.

Italian and French progressing well although this will be my last year of taking French until I can use it in anger.

Nala on the hill, taken wih a Canon G1x & cropped slightly. Click save for the 1600 pixel image.

Nala on the hill


15th January:

Ok, I'm now trying another sever hardware, Reliability tests underway.


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