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10th September:

Virgin Media Super Hub. It seems it's not so super after all. Well there's no dynamic DNS support so you need to run a client on at least one machine. Unlike 99% of other routers that handle DNS queries it is now necessary to manually set VM's DNS hosts into the static IP address information of your clients and not to rely on the ubiquotous It'll fail. Try, If you're running pre R25 firmware then you may be able to SSH into it and run some of the processes like DYN DNS support; it's locked out in R25 & R26 and not available from the web interface.
Will VM provide a firmware upgarde to fix this big anomaly? Unlikely from my experience.

static ip setup

9th September:

Well it's been a busy summer. Stove finally installed. Veg patch has been doing well, big spuds (aliens from last year!) lots of broad beans and some marrows (more aliens).


Now having the stove has meant there's no holding back on the wood collecting front. A windfall earlier this year has taken up quite a few weekends, just to move it into a big pile ready for cutting another year.



Wall insulation has also been put in. should be nice & cosy this winter even if its chilly outside. The bedroom refit has now been finished. Ah....


All that's left now is to push on planning for The Andes 2012
Should be fun andes2012

Finally the server has transferred to a virtualised server. It's still up & down as I grapple with the networking bits that aren't quite right. Oh hum... When it's done it should be SOLID! mmm let's see.

1st May:

It's been a busy few months. Bedroom decorations have stalled as the good weather and then easter has meant time out or working on other projects.

Garden - A new greenhouse and shed, fence, planting, extension to the wood store for all the firewood, fireplace update ready for stove, cavity wall lining and re-grouting the front bay window. I'm sure there's things I've missed.

The greenhouse had my chilies planted, but they struggled with the heat. Hence white roof. However close inspection yesterday indicated they were regenerating.

Fireplace: The fireplace has been rebuilt ready for a Charnwood Island I. Here's the before during and after pictures.

Easter walks: A couple of short walks, to strech ones legs etc. A trip to The Osborne View gave Nala a chance to have a swim and run on the beach whilst father & I could quench our thirst in the unseasonally high temperatures. A second walk enabled another thirst to be worked up on Easter Monday.

I still haven't found the time to sort out a wordpress blog. Will need to do so before my return trip to SA for 2012-2013.

Since am to pm, here's another job although only the pointing though. finished.

7th March:

Server has been rebooted since I turned it off earlier this year to do some bedroom electrics. Maintenance has also been required as I lost my registered domain hence the new one. I'm also looking at a new host that can support improved performance and power management. I'll let you know the details when I conclude the work.

A surprise visit to France last weekend. We knew we were off to St Malo but as for the rest we guessed we'd spend the day there shopping etc. In the end we went to Cancale for some oysters before heading off to Mont St Michel. Well worth a visit.

Mont St Michel

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