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28th August:

Started off by thinking I'd be sanding and ultimately glossing (Argghghhh!!!) but it got worse!
I had only decide to rake out the big cracks in the outside window sill before I'd managed, without much effort, to remove the whole bloody thing. So there I was, early morning of a bank holiday weekend with a huge hole in the wall. I decide that whilst my brick laying wasn't up to much cop I'd learned a lot by just cogitating over all the bad walls I'd built that I could do better; My teachers couldn't have been wrong in their initial reports.
I rushed off to B&Q [B&Q is named after Bloque & Quale or something like that - wikipedia will have the proper details] to buy a big bag of cement. I mixed lots of it up with some sand I had saved over from a previous job, maybe the wall I built/arranged earlier. Before I knew it the sill was almost repaired. Now just imagine it: I was hanging out of an upstairs window. My right foot was wrapped around the raidator pipe whilst I hung out of the window and one handed delicately chipped out old cement, positioned new brickwork and finally rendered the whole lot. Such a satisfying day & no glossing done :-)

26th August:

Virtualhosts in Apache is not working. Now been at it for 2 days :-( I eventually found that fc13 fails to setup mod_security logging so you end up with a huge pile of errors.
You have to add:
SecDataDir /var/asl/data/msa
to the tail end of:
after which you need to create the directory /var/asl/data/msa and set group and owner to apache. Didn't see any SELinux errors so hope that's the end of it.
Still can't get bloody virtualhosts working. it parses the first virtual host *:80 as I can amend the directory & both domain names track the revised folder. I just need the final domain name to go to its own designated area ! (AARGHGHHH!!!) Which is worse painting gloss or getting SELinux to do what you want?

FIXED! - Lesson - ignore all the info on the web and use <virtualhost *:80> for both virtual host settings, just make sure the embedded servername and serveralias are set inside each virtualhost section.

Unfortunately the gloss paint is still to do :-(

24th August:

CSS still in progress. Decided to alter stylesheet construction and clean up the index html. It does mean that you need a rendering display of 600 pixels minimum to view the screen.

Slow progress on all fronts really due to major lighting re-wire and back bedroom re-dec. At least all I have left to do is gloss paint (Arghhh!), emulsion ceiling, fit new light, hang paper, fit flooring, fit curtains. not much...

17th August:

Migrating main page to CSS, which is ok, but main page is still a bit messy. Work in progress :-)

13th August:

Unless I'm mistaken it's the 13th & it's a Friday !

2nd August:

Ok, so Hard disk arrived so hoping to migrate web server over the weekend, just wish I new how to migrate hard disks under Linux without a full fresh install; windows is so easy !!

Maybe I should learn CSS, it has been around such a long time.

29th July:

Migrated to FC13. Should migrate to larger disk in following week. Should enable me to finish off Patagonia 2008 ;-)

26th July:

I'm back ... watch his space

16th February:

Thanks to Martin for letting me know the Asian recipies had disappeared.

7th February:

Most of the HDR IR photos converted from Cycle Patagonia although only happy with a few of them

2nd February:

Stuck on a flight to Abu Dhabi after getting up at 3am & only just catching the flight with 10 minutes to spare. I thought I'd share with you some previews of the HDR Infra-Red photography I shot. Only used a 3 megapixel camera but as some have reported me as saying "Heavily modified". Give on them a click for the full image.

The Devil's seat : La silla del diablo. Very close to Cueva del Milodon, Puerto Natales. (re-framed)

And this was almost as good as I was going to get, what with it being very cloudy and also raining :-(
Torres del Paine

31st January:

GPS data for Patagonia uploaded & indexed. I can remember this climb first thing in the morning, nice views:

.Climb out from Vill Cerro Castillo - Chile

Looking back:

23rd January:

Server seems to be doing well. Any problems you must let me know through the usual channels.

What's great about technology is you can pick up the latest, less one, for a great deal cheaper than the latest & bestest. Just got another new toy for my next trip in 2012. Patagonia part 2 here we come.

Some technology is of course free at the point of consumption. An old friend of mine made contact via facebook & made a snow man. Almost jealous but then it snowed bags here also.

I was also given this link. A fairly gentle discussion about new technology, without the flashy wiz bangs that many other shows seem to feel obliged to have. Preston FM's Local Area Network --> http://localareanetwork.me.uk/

Also have a Google wave account. I'll let you know how that goes over the coming months.

Patagonia 2008, in its infancy.

16th January:

Somehow on removing the external USB Hard Drive from the linux server I seem to have somehow lost the partition table. After struggling for a while with various recovery tools I found http://e2salvage.sourceforge.net/ and testdisk, which scoures selected disks for partition types, superblocks and all those things. It even lets you just copy from the recovery disk to another good disk if you only want to recover a few folders. As it is I had all my photos and other bits n pieces on it. Last backup was a year ago, that'll teach me.

Somehow, maybe coincidence, I also had a call from Susy asking if I could recover a set of lost photos from a camera memory stick at her work. In the end all those freeware programs are only free until you want to recover the images. For a truely free program I used Recuva from http://www.piriform.com/recuva which is FREE and worked a treat.

It also snowed a lot :-)

The George

3rd January:

Ok, so I've resurrected the web server. I switched it off around september when I worried over the electric bill (!) But now I've removed the external hard drive, so it's running standalone now.

Set up a couple of solar panels, pulling in over 300watts at the winter solstice. It's an off grid 24v solution with 1400VA pure sine output when the inverter is engaged. I'll have to drop all my notes into a separate link in the near future, as there's quite a bit of trickery to get max power with little hastle & cash outlay.

Christmas now over, still decorations to remove & store once more in the loft. Not sure if people have more time on their hands this christmas, but two long lost friends made contact over facebook.

Now I've stripped out & rebuilt the server room I should be able to get more of my photos scanned, although this is likely to be a job that'll see me busy for quite a few years yet.

Some photos from 2009 ->

Susy and Me Susy & me at a works do.

Nala Nala the wonder dog.

Emirates Palace Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi.

Big Dish Big Dish at work.

Solar Panels in the snow Solar panels in the snow.

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