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30th March:

Sorry about the down time. A rack of things have sort of stopped any updates.
I've updated the slide scan library Scanned Slide Catalogue mainly with updates for 1998. Try it from the 1st April (no, it's not A'Fools!)

Still to sort out my bags from the South America bike ride!
Projects to come shortly include a full set of photos GPS tagged, upload of all GPS data and if it works a google earth walk through of photos linked to route map.

Managed to plant potatoes a couple of weeks ago. The garlic from Jo is doing great, especially the purple wight variety. Have sweetcorn (F1 sweetlark) just starting to come through in the greenhouse. Beans are doing well. Just need the peas, peppers, chillies and tomatoes to grow now.

Come on Summer!!!!!!!! It's freezing......

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Infra Red Photography
Infra Red Photogrpahy

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