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13th November :

Machines are running stable
Note Patagonia blog, whilst I'm away is http://cycle-patagonia-2008.blogspot.com/

7th November :

Sorry for downtime. Three machine failures, one hard disk and a failed FC8 update, failed FC9 install. Back to FC8 hopefully I'll get everything back to normal before I head off on the bike

3rd November :

Planning has gone well, but now I have two problems.
1) myweb server was updated with security patches and now it seems to be loosing the USB drive every day or so. Maybe I should just go for FC9.
2) I now find out that Iberia want to charge me an excess of 36 per kilo one way, with possibility of having to pay extra for my bike in Santiago. That's 900 for another 25kg, which was what I would have been doing. Christ! Will have to ditch gear

  • 82.3 kg : For me with clothes & boots
  • 89.9 kg : + trailer
  • 95.8 kg : + bag, sleeping bag, bivvy bag, stove, filter, + sigg bottts + pans
  • 100.2 kg : +1 pannier and all tools
  • 101.5 kg : + tent
  • 103.4 kg : + 2 tyres
  • 104.9 kg : + bike lock
I think I'll fit the heavier tyres and run with the spares tapped on. The lock must go in my bag. Could trim my tools. I suppose this will save 3.5kg+ I need to use cardboard box for trailer & bike.

9th August :

Again another excuse for a late update. This time it's been work which has seen me overseas a couple of times, but the main reason is down to planning my trip to Patagonia. I've a stack of holidays left over from 2006 and my intention has been to spend them wisely. House work can wait, I'm off on holiday. I'd thought of several ideas including cycling from Buenas Aires over to Santiago, but on checking the maps it seemed like the whole thing would be over in a few days / weeks. Then I thought of cycling down from Arica down the panamerican highway to Santiago. Then I hit upon Punta Arenas northwards through Patagonia, perhaps to Santiago via Puerto Montt / Osorno. The Patagonia diaries are on a separate page here.

22nd June :

Several updates since last writing. Built a patio to go with the pegaoda. Ran the Keswick to Barrow once more. Been to two weddings and not least I built myself a wood store for fueling the chimenea. But first the holiday to Sorrento...

  • Sorrento

Managed to steal a week away in Italy, principally for my brother's wedding, see below, but also for some R&R.
Stayed in Hotel Admiral, a nice secluded hotel set in the unspoilt original marina. Here's a spot where we ate lunch a few times.
Marina Grande

Then there's the swiming. Best to go to the free beach, unless you've lots of cash & like sitting in the sun all day long. There was far more activity & good swimming. The free beach was the one in the centre.
Sorrento Beaches

Sorrento Free Beach

Then of course you could always take the boat to Capri. An amazing place, which is best accessed via the furnicula, unless you like walking up steep hills :-)

Capri Hilltop view

And you can't leave out Pompei with it's amazing ruins, murials, and mosaic floors....
Villa of Misteri

Pompei Street

Pompei Auditorium
But make sure you take comfy footwear, no heavy boots, sandals, stilletos & if you can help it prams, as the pathways are... Well see here at one of the many cross roads.
Pompei cross roads

And beautiful evenings.....
Sorrento by night

  • Weddings

And yes there were weddings. The first of the year was Garry & Allison's from Formby. You may know them, sadly a bad case of sinusitus nearly scuppered my attendance, I'd already had to forgo the stag do for my brother. A strong dose of antibiotics & lots of strong painkillers helped me along. Mainly due to sickness this was about the best photo I got, which was a good job as G&A opted for the professional photographer :-)
Garry and Allisons' Wedding

Then the second wedding of the year was that of Marcus & Vanessa:
Marcus & Venessa



For those with a sharp eye... original
  • Keswick to Barrow 2008 - Seddasa Glory

K2B Start 2008

The glory is all here.....

If you haven't noticed already this front page loads up quite slow, so I'll resturcture in the coming weeks, when I find time.

20th April :

Just had to upgrade the server once more. Found Vista was just no good for a small setup, seemed to need lots of ram, cpu & more besides. So after fiddling around all weekend with Ubuntu Betas and the rest decided to stick with Fedora Core once again. Maybe I'll regain my google ranking slot, which I lost after switching to MS.

Oh, & yes I lost the last three and a half months website...........

3rd February :

1-0 then 2-1 up against Liverpool! Sadly it didn't last, but Liverpool were ruffled.

Liverpool v Havant & W'ville Panorama

Can you spot the guy in the orange jacket. Finished with a session in Dr Duncan's and a few more in the Ship n Mitre before a curry just around the corner. Sadley 'twas a long drive back & the mp3 player's batteries had died.

Running took a back seat for two weeks as I'd bruised by heal bone, but just managed to get 10 miles of training in over the last few days. K2B here we come.

18th January :

Havant & Waterlooville

Going well so far, Tickets in the bank. Anfield here we come!

Double Bonus. I made it into The UK's best selling astronomy magazine & earned a nice copy of the mag & a spot of cash.

Oh & before I forget, I've fixed the bike. ------------>

So Nala had here exercise & afterwards slept like a baby.

16th January :

Havant & Waterlooville 4 Swansea 2 !! Watch out Liverpool, here we come.......................

6th January :

Web server transferred. It's amazing what you can cobble together. I'll have to measure the power saving over a full blown server.

4th January :

Well my hand is sufficiently better for my return to work. Still a bathroom, loft & shed loads, quite literaly, to do. About to transfer from a Linux server to MS server. Transition will be tomorrow, so there will be a little down time whilst I move disks around.

Managed my first run for 6 months. Did 5 miles in 50 minutes, struggled, tired, & hurt. Still a glass of wine helps my aching bones.

Must put up that new TV aerial so I can get decent TV.

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