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31st December :

Well the PC upgrade went so well that I'm about to shift the web server yet again, this time onto an old trusty laptop! Hopefully the transition will occur early in the new year & you won't notice any difference.

Hope Santa brought you all that you wished for. Happy New Year to you all.

18th November :

Sorry if you've visited recently, or are thinking of visiting in the very near future, there's a good chance the site may be down. System Maintanance is taking place.

10th November :

The bathroom refurb was going well., see 16th September! Sadley 22nd September & this happened.
my buggered hand..... Bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger.

It all hapened as I'd decided to take time off from work & try to finish the bathroom that had stalled since having shingles. Well Saturday morn was dry & I persuaded the other half that I wouldn't go shopping just yet & thought a spot of cleaning the garden wouldn't go amiss. Several hours later I sliced, quite literraly, latterally through all my fingers with a mitre saw (basically a circular saw on a pivot for chopping wood).

Ouchy ouchy OUCH. Had a butchers & yep they'd all gone! Ran back to the house, half way back & wondered if I should go back & get the bits I'd left behind. Nope, thought it was best to get 999, I mean I wouldn't be able to pick them up properly would I? So 10 minutes later & the nice paramedics arrived in the ambulance. Since then I've been in & out of t'ospital. On lots of interesting tablets, took a week to get the pain managent sorted. Now its tablets, tablets, tablets.

Good news is that I can feel the pain reducing, fingers are still missing & the whole experience since then has, & still is, like a very bad dream. Still now it's a bad dream to which I'm not awakening from.

Many of you've asked why the web site hasn't been updated. Well I've been lazy (& it now takes me twice as long to type!) Many of you've been very kind, cards, flowers. I'm now an expert & reading for a bachelor's degree at the university of life on daytime TV with my chosen subjects, "To buy, or not To buy" and "Cash in the Attic". It's that good I'm going to have to get SKY+ so I can watch it when I'm back at work.

22nd September :

Not a good day!

16th September :

Bathroom refurb is going well. Mainly cosmetic touches to do now. Should have it done by Xmas!

Mostly over the shingles now, hardest thing is getting my fittness back.

You have to watch this sketch by Hale & Pace. As they say, the best thing to come out of Lancashire is the M62. ->

12th August :

Mike & Katherine's wedding photos are offline. Give Mike a shout if you want to see them online.

10th August :

Well the two weeks holiday hasn't turned out for the best. Firstly the bathroom refit has been taking longer, costing more (sounds like work ;-), generally taking longer because I've felt wacked. Despite many speculating that I'm unfit (!Umph!) turns out I've got shingles. So that explains a lot of the exhaustion. Now I've got to rest with an unfinished bathroom. Well at least there is still a bath with shower and toilet, although no basin fitted.

One of my favourite breakfast DJs, Rick Jackson, has just moved to Ocean FM. Turns out that the spinnaker tower has collapsed! See below.


18th July :

Nearly time for the harvest. Just need to be careful not to get sunstroke!

Found a cool web site. mypropertyspy jusy don't tell people where you live otherwise they'll think you're a money bags!

17th July :

Asian cooking is all completed now. The wed page with all the notes is here.

Whilst searching for a chicken jalfrezi recipe I came across this really neat site.

VideoJug: How To Do The Best Card Trick In The World


24th June :

Quick trip up to Maclesfield for Mike & Katherine's wedding.

16th June :

Well it's been another long time since an update. Mainly due to loosing my laptop. Not physically, it's sort of not working. It's now sat grinning at me, another reminder that it cost money. So had to upgrade & my local store did laptops with Vista. Ohhh, if I hadn't had Vista I wouldn't have had trouble migrating my settings off my Linux server. So after a few days of trying to make it all work I then realised all "My Documents" were gone. Gone for good. Thankfully I'd a DAT backup & my files were intact. Well most of them, but the backup was three months old & all my college work was GONE. So I've had to buy a new laptop & re-do all my college work. Pants!

25th March :

Rehosted my web server onto another platform. Not sure how robust this will be yet, but hoping that it may save on power consumption :-)

All of the 2006 wines have been measured for sugar content and more has been added if sub SG of 1.000. Wine diary to be updated when I can get the web server sorted !

Now an Uncle on my family's side. Sadly not been able to visit yet but a few pics will appear when we can.

Training for the K2B is now hotting up. Managing to struggle with 7:30 minute miles over 4 miles. Over longer distances I'm dropping back to a more respectable 8+. Still need to get the miles under my belt before the big day. Will get some training stats to compare training regime against success.

Asian Cookery is still going strong, now we've switched to Thai cusine, away from Indian. Shame really because I like the Indian foods, but must admit the Thai fish cakes I cooked were very nice, even if I say so myself.

25th February :

Slide scanning has improved now. All 1995 slides are scanned along with the thematic sections 51000. Before I tackle the 1996 through 1999 back catalogue I decided to scan a set of lost slides. Seems like they arrived at home, but were mis-placed when I originally catalogued my slides back in '98. So far I've found a mid-winter at Halley 1997, a camping trip to the Shackleton mountains, including a flight to A84, about 400 clicks from the pole! An not least a few sets of penguin photos, including a picture of Happy Feet dancing on ice. See the 1997 section for the lost slides.

The Minolta Scan Elite 5400 is certainly proving its worth. Some of the scanned slides are excellent quality when seen at max res. Almost thinking about going back to film. Well almost. Strange really in that back in the late 90's I'd take hundreds of rolls of film and wait over a year to see the results. I guess if I was going somewhere extreme I'd take film & digital.

Slide catalogue may occasionally be offline as I try to battle with Java running out of memory. Please keep trying if you're interested.

2003 wines have either been ditched, or bottled :-) Diary to be updated

11th February :

The scanning of many slides still continues to frustrate, still on 1995 photographs, although the end of that is now in sight. The latest results can be seen in my Antarctica_Photo section. Just got to the end of Signey, South Orkney Islands.

Asian cooking at South Downs College has been really good so far. The asian cookery section, including recipes & results is in the asian-cookery section! It's only just been lashed together to permit ready access to the recipes, should be updated with instructional method.

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