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31st December :

The Christmas break, almost free from work, has allowed me to find that spare time to complete one project & start another.

After seeing someone do timelapse photography with an 8mm cine camera I thought I'd try the same, but with a video instead. So from a camping trip last summer I dug out the tapes I shot, loaded them in and shrunk them down. See what you think here, although you'll need a suitable player. 5M Hampshire Clouds.

The dvd version is also here, but is quite a bit bigger at 200Megs instead of the 5Megs.. 200M Hampshire Clouds. Strongly suggest you don't visit this link unless you want to wait a long....time.

After visiting Antarctica over ten years back I amassed a large collection of slides. Back then digital photography just didn't exist, wish it had in some ways 'cause I've a box full of not-so expensive Nikon camera gear! The project is to catalogue the slides so that I can at least view them. They are separated into year & then generally sequence. Some photographs that were shot on E6 film that I developed myself are not fully mounted & so these are in themed sections 51000 & 61000. Slide Scans. I'll be slowly updating this, so keep checking.

Fixed some minor link errors in the wine diary, plus some updates.

Well I guess this is the last for the year 2006. Wishing you all well for 2007, Jon Susy & Nala.

29th October :

Don't buy a netgear router unless you want your head testing. Sorry for those who've tried to get through for the last few days. Guess what broke, again!! FC6 funning tickety boo.

Wine Diary 2006 now online .. .

25th October :

Eventually got the recent pictures catalogued & they're now on line.

Some of the panorama pictures are large so be warned if you choose to view them. Stiched in Canon Photostitch, which is ok to get the concept of what the final image could look like, but not quite photo quality. This usually needs more effort in an expensive photo programme.

30th September :

As usual it's been a couple of busy months. Firstly we had a short break, travelling to Somerset to see some friends & then over into Wales. Finally we visited some more friends before heading back. Then there was the decorating! Like all good plans it seemed to take far longer than anticipated. Well I had a microsoft project schedule drafted & yes it was going to take a long time. Just as long as I thought.

I mean it's not that simple taking the paper off & slapping a lick of paint on. Firstly there was the re-plastering to be done. Then there were the sockets to reposition & wire up. Bricks falling out of the wall need carefully replacing & cementing in situ. The front window had to be removed & the front of the house propped up. Had to buy some acro-props to make this one work. Lining & then hanging wallpaper, painting, filling, laying a preparation floor & then the real wood floor. Finally the sealing, waxing & polishing finished the job. Small interuptions of friends, family, traveling the length & breadth of the country all played a part in delaying, but inevitable on a long job when only the weekends are available. So here's the photos of some of the jobs & progress made.

Ooops, forgot to mention the winemaking interrupting the decorating. Well I did go whilst visiting friends, to pick blackberries. Tescos had a wonderul offer of whoopsed blueberries & some cheap strawberries. Decided to make some mango, guava, passion fruit & more cranberry wines. Blackberries, I reckon there's a good 8 gallons on the go. A couple of local apple trees were raided, that'll remain in vats (yep about 15Gs) through til March. Had to give the neighbour's trees a miss this year, mainly because of the decorating hitting all at the wrong time. The wine diary section should be updated shortly.

The pictures of the Somerset & Wales trip should also make it live in the coming week. Finally the trip to Phil & Emma's to see Mathew, pictures to go here.

Updated Picasa & it now finds ALL my pictures. It was really anoying before, but no indications on the web of any problem. Well its fixed now, so there was something wrong somewhere.

Finally decided to stick to my Canon 30D, so I'm selling off my old cameras. Nikon gear will eventually have to go.

2nd August :

A lightning dash to Formby to see the red squirrels, see a real barbeque & smoke out the neighbourhood seemed in order. Pictures are here.....

The post travel Leffe went down nice, then a few Stellas were in order before we really started drinking. Susy unfortunately suffered from the long trip & had to retire with migrane. Meanwhile the night was but young. Lovely moon.


5th June 2006:

Well it's been a sad time, my favourite camera has died :-((

Canon G6 doesn't work on batteries but is fine on my G1 mains powered supply.

Still trying to work out how to setup a linux video server. I'm sure it's a piece of cake, but not if you've no idea where to start. So I opted for the easy route and setup using WebcamXP. Check out if it's online here.

22nd May 2006:

Quite some time has now passed since the last update. I'll blame spring coming all of a sudden after winter, almost like sprang on us; one day it was cold and frosty, the next fairly warm & no more frost! So what's been happening?

Well I've put some videos on google video. video.google.com Can't say this took too long. I liked the N9 route, reminded me so much of the chance to leave base & see the blue whales making love off N9. Can you see them in the vid? The Citroen Robotic dancers gets quite a bit, although the blue tits have got the most!

The BBC has failed me. I'll have to come up with a different box design I think. Whilst they had a butchers inside, they never nested. Now we've starlings in the loft & I should have put the camera there!

Oh, before I forget here's a link to what can only be described as a fantastic website if you're into atmospheric phenomena. We've all seen rainbows, well most of us have. Those who keep their eyes open will see ice halos abound, more frequent they are than rainbows in the UK, I'm led to believe. Well here's a rare one a 46° Radius Halo no less.

24th March 2006:

Antarctica pictures that I took in 1996/97 which were loaned to BAS for use in their business have now been linked in. I must organise the other 10,000s in boxes. Anyone have a fast slide scanner?

Bird Box Cam [BBC]
birdboxcam Bird Box Cam early sneak preview.... 3MB large, so please be patient (DivX) encoder, try ffdshow on google for a codec if it won't play.

23rd March 2006:

Updated front page to web site.

News on the BBC, Blue tits have been inspecting the quarters, video to come over the weekend.

Google Vids --> Cango Caves - South Africa
or the official site --> here

13th March 2006:

After a short break making bird boxes I've updated the infra red section with an improved layout, mainly thanks to suggestions from Jens Rösner.

Bird Boxes. Argh yes there are bird boxes & there a bird boxes. Knocked a few together from bits of wood left over from the shed project, photos & design to follow. First one is on the shed, second one gave to our nice neighbours, the third one I've built with a mezannine floor built in. Why build a mezaninne floor in a bird box?

Bird Box Cam (BBC): Yep, decided that if all those technical gurus on TV can film snow leopards & stuff like that, then I can film a humble blue tit. Only problem was the neighbours bird box, put up on the 11th had blue tits going in & out on the 12th! I'm sure I read on the web something about it taking two weeks or more before birds will enter. Just goes to show you can't believe everything out there. So Not having my bird box up, not having the bird box cam designed I rushed around Sunday drilling holes, soldering bits of wire & ended up fitting the whole thing before I realised I hadn't taken enough pictures to show the build progress. So I now have to make another just to show you how it's done.

Technical: Hole size 32mm, sloping roof, four infra-red leds ~920nm (remote control types), operating at ~15mA. Camera a GM300, 380 TVL CCTV board camera from Farnell (or was it RS?). choc block holding all wires together running to a pc with a "4 Channel PCI DVR Video Capture Card for CCTV" off ebay, for about £15 from China.

PCI DVR Capture Card -->
PCBCamera -->

28th Feb 2006:

Holiday snaps from Spain, September 2005 added. Should have done this sooner but...

27th Feb 2006:

Updated Dave Maxfields pictures so they navigate a tad better. Djmax's photo file...

Also finally sorted my infra red college pictures. Follow....

26th Feb 2006:

Discovered my linux server burried under a mound of cables during a tidy up session. So I thought it would be a good time to get the web server fired up again since I had several IBM/Hitachi hard disk failures.

There seems to have been all sorts of software hitting the streets, or maybe it was that I've been so busy either working for a living & getting no thanks; fixing the garden / shed so that I can get all those house jobs done; or just lack of attention to the on line world ;o:

  • avg antivirus - Hell it's a free antivirus programme for the homeuser.
  • Picasa(2) - Picasa 1 must have passed me by, (2) would have if someone hadn't kicked me
  • Google Desktop Search - Wow, find all those docs you remember writing years ago, but totally forgot you had.
       Had a bit of a problem at first, but guess it was dodgy file names (spanish / french thing) on my linux server.
  • Google video - slap your vids on line. Great !!!
  • JAlbum - Another freebie that creates cool web galleries.

So now was the time to get my pictures sorted once & for all. Canon G6 came in handy with the bundled panorama software. Makes stitching a real breeze for basic resolutions (can't beat doing it by hand).

Some Panoramas_2005 that I made using JAlbum in about 20 minutes.

and some vids i put on Google video...

The shed build history can now be found shed_build is here...

Finally Dave Maxfield kindly sent some pictures through of his trips down south. Djmax's photo file

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